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“Family is never about who you share DNA with, but always about who shows you love and loyalty.” – Toy

Have you ever seen someone that sets your body on fire? They wake up every one of your senses. Israel ‘Izz’ Richards didn’t think it was possible until he walked into Stella’s Café and his eyes fell upon the beautiful owner Angel. He may be one of the most eligible billionaire bachelors, and the women may do all they can to snag his heart, but he never lets any of them get close. He didn’t know if this woman’s soul called out to him for him to heal all the broken pieces of her, but he was drawn to her. Angel is a woman that’s become accustomed to always taking a loss. In her life, she’s lost a husband, a son, and her relationship with her parents. Her grandmother raised her but died a few years ago, the last significant loss rocked her to her core. She’s cut off all outside relationships except the one with her best friend Andrea, to stop the pain that always seems to find her. After a well-dressed stranger walks into her café and shows her more protection, honor, and safety than most of her family what will she do, especially when he opens her eyes to the hidden agendas around her?

“Family is never about whom you share DNA with, but always about who shows you love and loyalty.” – Toy In this final installment of A Billionaire’s Angel, we find out who it is that’s after Angel and why. Israel “Izz” Richards’ patience is running thin with all the drama that’s surrounding Angel. Instead of flying off the handle and acting irrational, he chooses to let all her enemies get comfortable in their webs of deceit and lies. Then when they least expect it, he hands out the justice that his Angel deserves. Seeing her café burn to the ground is not the end like Angel suspects, but the new beginning that she needs and deserves. Even with everyone that is supposed to have her best interest at heart being against her in every way, Angel keeps her head held high and smiles. Israel’s love for Angel is never in question because of the way he shows it through his words and actions. Israel shows and proves what it means to be A Billionaire’s Angel with the swagger and confidence that only he possesses.