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LaToya Evans affectionately known as “TOY” found this power in high school and began to express her thoughts and emotions on paper with a pen, letting the words from her heart pour out. Being raised in Chesapeake, Virginia with limited extra-curricular activities that LaToya had an interest in, her passion became her writing, a hobby. LaToya Evans strived in corporate America for 15 years to give her 3 greatest blessings the best that life had to offer. Years later LaToya had an epiphany when reading a quote “ Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” LaToya decided then that it was time to step out on faith and follow her passion.

The power of a woman’s words’ have always been the background of nurturing and raising a family.

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*This is a re-release of Loving A Dopeboy* Rooke is a take-charge type of man. After his father’s incarceration and grandmother’s death he was left to take care of his brothers. He handled his role perfectly, which is the main reason he stepped in immediately to aid a woman in need. Bumping into Madison was purely accidental however, every move after that was intentional. Madison is the oldest of her family’s third generation. She’s flawed, private, stubborn, hardheaded, and alluring at the same time. For her family, she will do anything, and she would like to believe they would do the same for her. Madison, Lisa, Alexus, and Marie’s worlds have turned upside down when they discover life has not been what they believed it to be. Taiwan came back to Virginia thinking that the situation he left in California would fix itself sooner or later. Meeting Marie gave him hope of not having a lonely bachelor life. However, he has his “California Situation” hanging over his head before he can move forward with her. It may sound simple, but Taiwan finds out that there are more strings than he anticipated. Saigon had no problem with being single. Love wasn’t something he thought about or looked for. Once he met Marie, he found himself wanting to be in her space and heart. Will the brothers be able to have a future with the women they desire, without the past coming back to haunt them? Rooke learns that a secret that has been kept from him, and his brothers will soon come out. How will the brothers react to the truth that will change all their lives?

A Grand Holiday Series

This collection of one book and three novellas follows the Grand family. Gertie Grand is a no nonsense single mother that has raised her three boys to become good men in the mist of the tragedy that thrust her into her situation. Now that all of the boys are grown Gertie is determined to guide them into settling down and making some grand babies for her. Each novella digs deeper into the relationships that the boys find themselves in. It’s a raw look at the black family just trying to make it in the world.


She is amazing author every book I have read by her was good from the beginning to the end here.

Ms-Nisha Pennington

Her books make you laugh. Her books make you reread them. I have enjoyed every book of hers I have read they are entertaining and fresh. 

Natoi Coles

She is one of my favorite authors. I don't like a urban books, but hers I love. Full of love, suspense and drama, but definitely love and loyalty. I love the characters and the Dynamics between them.

Shirra Cook

All of Toy's Books are eye catching. I can read for hours and hours.

Tiffany Laws-Barker


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